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Wearable Art Drawstring Purse
Wearable Art Drawstring Purse

Create a drawstring purse for useful and ornamental amusement. Do a little hand sewing or do a lot (your choice), collage, stitch, bead & embellish your bags with materials you have gathered. Enjoy a some creative play and develop a piece of wearable art!

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Lined fabric pouch:
    Cut four fabric panels; two for the pocket and two for the lining (see reverse for pattern). With right sides together, join the pocket panels with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a small opening at bottom center to insert the tassel. Trim edges and turn pocket right side out. Repeat process for lining panels, allowing for a larger margin, however, DO NOT turn right side out. Fold top edge of pocket in (approximaely 1/2 inch), and fold top edge of lining out.
  2. Cut a muslin panel (6.5 x 4"). Using a fabric ink, stamp panel with Character Constructions Mother Bird. When stamped image is dry, tea stain muslin with a wash of sepia ink. Allow to dry and press flat.
  3. Position and attach muslin panel to fabric pocket using light application of Fabri-Tac around panel edges. Be sure to leave enough space for pom pom trim & brass rings on top! Add decorative trim to finish edges of muslin panel. Use Fabri-Tac to hold the trim in place, then hand-stitch to bolster connection.
  4. Embellish Mother Bird image with fabric. Use a stamped paper Mother Bird image as a guide, and a sharp utility knife and scissors to trim fabric to the shape of the dress and sleeves. Attach fabric to image with glue stick, then embellish dress further with bits of lace, beads and charms.
  5. Attach Tassel, and bead outer edge of pocket. Place lining inside pocket., and carefully join lining edge to pocket edge with Fabric-Tac . Add pom pom trim to upper edge with light application of Fabri-Tac.
  6. Hand stitch brass rings in place. Thread silk cord through rings and secure ends with Fabri-Tac and black cloth strip.