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Where there is tea, there is love.

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Put your pinkies up and tip your cup. The wedding is about to begin.

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Spring bridal couture a la Adventures in Tea.

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A cup of tea will restore my normality.

Slide 5

The groom offers his bride a flower. You me and a cup of tea my love.

Slide 6

The Groom dazzles in his Adventures in Tea couture.

Slide 7

The bride and groom in all their wedding finery.

Slide 8

Ladies and Gentlemen, the wedding party!

Slide 9

A bridesmaid's Spring frock.

Slide 10

Adorned in Spring blossoms.

Slide 11

Poised for Portraiture.

Slide 12

A groomsman preens in his finery.

Slide 13

What a dashing figure he cuts!

Slide 14

Wedding Portraiture.

Slide 15

Wedding guests turned out for the cccasion.

Slide 16

Adorned in Spring finery.

Slide 17

Keep calm and put the kettle on.

Slide 18

Come, let us have tea and talk about happy things!

Vilma Gasnier (Gabistella) lives in Paris, France with her husband and adorable son Gaby. Vilma has a passion for scrapbooking layouts, in which she incorporates stamping and mixed media techniques with an eye to fine detail and layering. She has brought the characters of the Adventures in Tea collection to life for us in this series of layouts working with fabrics, lace, metallics, ink and paint. You can see more of her exquisite art on her blog Le Blog Gabistella, and Vilma is a regular participant in the Character Constructions Art Doll Tag Swap on Pinterest.

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