A collection of treasures found during a walk along the shore, a mountain trail, or upon the forest floor. A feather, a shell, an acorn or . . .

This particular box was included in my artist portfolio back in 2001 when the Art Doll Chronicles was published. I was always secretly disappointed because you couldn't see what I had placed inside the drawers.

Three delicate nests

Found on my morning walks

A naturalist's collection box examined

Found in my cable box
March 2006

In the spring of 2006 we made a service call to our cable company because we were getting poor reception. When they came out they found this bluebird nest and told me it had to go. I thought I would just put it back when they left, but they locked me out. I considered breaking back into the box to replace the nest but thought better of it. An hour passed and they returned unexpectedly. I think they half expected that I would replace the nest. It breaks my heart that the mother bird was separated from her delicate clutch of eggs, but truth be told the nest was only two feet from the ground and my cat Prince would have made short work of her fledglings. Perhaps it was a gentler mercy that the nest was found.

Mother's Day Nest

I call this "the Mother's Day Nest." It was found nestled inside of a flower pot in my friend's garage. It just so happens that this particular flower pot was a Mother's Day gift from her son when he was in the second grade. In fact, our sons attended second grade together so we both have one of these mementos with the Happy Mother's Day sentiment painted on its side. Initially I was struck by the beauty of it and then the horror as I realized the sad irony that something bad must have befallen mother bird for her to abandon her nest earlier that spring.

Box Mother


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